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RFMD addresses the wired broadband industry’s challenges with a portfolio of components, enabling leading performance through the use of advanced semiconductor and integration technologies. The breadth and performance of our CATV product portfolio allows our customers to achieve higher data rates at competitive prices.

CATV and Broadband GaN Amplifier Modules

RFMD offers a portfolio of Gallium Nitride (GaN) differential amplifiers developed for CATV transmission applications. These include power doublers and push-pull amplifiers, delivering unmatched performance in terms of output power, bandwidth, linearity, current consumption, and reliability.

  • GaN in CATV applications -- RFMD was the first manufacturer to offer a portfolio of GaN differential amplifiers that targeted CATV transmission line networks. RFMD’s CATV GaN based equipment addresses the power saving and increased bandwidth requirements needed by the Multiple System Operators (MSO).


RFMD’s GaN-based amplifiers are packaged in industry-standard SOT-115J and advanced high-reliability surface mount multi-chip modules (SMT MCMs). Because of the higher output level and higher efficiency, RFMD’s GaN amplifiers are especially well suited for operators where energy-efficiency and long-term reliability are key factors for next generation networks. GaN-based amplifiers provide the same linearity performance as GaAs die-based amplifier modules at 20% less current.

  • GaN in broadband applications -- RFMD’s GaN process’s intrinsic properties of high breakdown voltage, high power density, low parasitic, and high FT allow for multi-octave to wide instantaneous bandwidth amplifiers. Our GaN portfolio also includes discrete, MMIC die and packaged devices designed for broadband amplifiers and multi-function transmit/receive modules.


RFMD GaN Manufacturing Process

Located in Nuremberg, Germany, our state-of-the-art CATV manufacturing facility is fully automated with high volume capacity. This cutting-edge approach allows RFMD to facilitate our best-in-class cycle time and unmatched quality. The Nuremberg facility is ISO 9001-certified and includes a staff that maintains an average of 20 years of industry knowledge in designing, manufacturing, testing, and supporting broadband transmission CATV products. RFMD‘s production test includes 100% DC and RF parameters that cover multiple industry standards such as NTSC, Cenelec, Pal-D, mixed analog and digital, and pure digital (up to 1500MHz).

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