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> GaAs Process Technology

GaAs Process Technology

RFMD has always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to compound semiconductor manufacturing for RF applications. In our industry, we understand that Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) makes up the largest subset for this technology. RFMD® has maintained a position as the world's leading manufacturer of GaAs compound semiconductors. This is due to our broad manufacturing resources that enable us to deliver foundry services, optimized to best meet our customer's requirements for performance, cost, and time-to-market. Our flexible manufacturing processes and capacity also give us the tools we need to run our clients’ production orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HBT8: Rugged Linear InGaP HBT

  • fT = 35GHz, fMAX = 65GHz
  • BV (CEO, CBO, EBO) = 17, 27, 8V
  • Capacitor density of 135 and 750 pf/mm²

HBT11: Enhanced Rugged, Linear InGaP HBT

  • T = 38GHz, fMAX = 65GHz
  • BV (CEO, CBO, EBO) = 17, 25, 7V
  • Capacitor density of 135 and 750 pf/mm²

IPC3: Integrated Passive Components for High Power

  • Passives only, on 6” GaAs wafers
  • 3 metal layers for complex interconnections and for high current capability (up to 28mA/μm)
  • High breakdown voltage capacitors – up to 340V

FET1H: GaAs Switching pHEMT

  • .6μm switch pHEMT
  • Drain voltage up to 7V
  • Capacitor density of 295pF/mm²
  • Provides low noise, high-linearity switching of RF signals for applications
  • Wireless front ends
  • Transmit/receive modules
  • Phased arrays


  • 0.5μm E/D pHEMT
  • Enhancement and depletion mode operation
  • Drain voltage up to 7V
  • Capacity density of 135 and 750 pf/mm²

Available Services

Dedicated Prototype Engineering Lot

  • Dedicated mask set with designs from only one customer
  • RFMD will ship all that pass process control monitor, PCM, test
  • Delivered as diced wafers mounted on tape on a saw frame
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Broadband Communications
  • Defense Communications and Systems
  • CATV Distribution

RF Performance

RFMD's GaN wide bandgap allows for higher breakdown voltages and operation at high temperatures.>

High thermal conductivity of SiC makes it a better substrate than silicon for power amplifier applications that require good heat sinking.

Saturated electron velocity of RFMD GaN is much higher than GaAs or silicon, allowing operation at high frequencies.