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RFMD’s antenna control solutions help solve RF complexity and maximize total antenna efficiency. They also offer link quality in today's flagship smartphones.

As frequency bands continue to proliferate around the world, cellular antennas are required to operate over wider bandwidths. This greatly increases the need for RFMD's antenna control solutions.

RFMD products maximize power transfer to the antenna and optimize radiated efficiency at the antenna, greatly enhancing the smartphone user experience by improving battery life, increasing data throughput and extending talk time. RFMD offers an industry-leading family of routing switches, antenna tuners and impedance tuners to support the newest 4G LTE smartphones and tablets.

Different Types of RFMD Antenna Tuners

  • RFMD Antenna Tuners
    Antenna tuners optimize radiated efficiency by adjusting or tuning an antenna's resonant frequency, while its impedance tuners optimize power transfer to the antenna.
  • RFMD Impedance Tuners
    Impedance tuners provide a dynamic matching environment and can be programmed to offer optimal performance across multiple conditions and usage cases.


Both types of tuners are part of RFMD's portfolio of antenna control solutions. This also includes high-performance routing switches that optimize antenna selection while they control and enhance cellular data throughput rates.