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RFMD offers a selection of variable attenuators with analog or digital control. Applications of these attenuators include: wireless infrastructure/base stations, microwave radios, cable modems, CATV/satellite set top boxes, CATV infrastructure, satellite terminals, data network equipment, and test equipment.

RFMD’s analog attenuators are designed to solve a long standing industry problem: high IP3, high attenuation range, low DC current, broad bandwidth and a temperature compensated - linear in dB control voltage characteristic. These attenuators incorporate a complete solution in a small package, reducing the footprint by up to 20 times in area and reduces the DC power by 10 times over conventional PIN diode approaches.

RFMD’s temperature-compensating attenuators eliminate the need for expensive co-fired ceramics with temperature sensitive materials or current hungry PIN diodes with elaborate control circuits used in traditional approaches.

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